CHN Parks

CHN along with local residents help maintain & enrich the 11 Parks in our neighborhood.  CHN has worked with the City to reopen Corbett Slope in 2018. CHN worked with a Develop to create the Mars Stairs in 2016. CHN Volunteers cleaned up & planted Corbett Ord Triangle, Merritt Park, Mars Stairs & Corbett Slope most recently.

CHN Parks are not part of SF’s Dept. of Recreation & Parks but fall under the jurisdiction of Dept. of Public Works which provides minimal upkeep to the thousands of properties in SF they oversee.  Without CHN and Neighbors, our Parks tend to get overgrown and less enjoyable.

Park Improvement Fund
-Gives Members the Opportunity to lead the planning & implementation of a Park Improvement.   And CHN often can contribute some of the funding.  Add a bench or some plants. Request for Funds has more info

1. Corbett Ord Triangle
2. Saturn Stairs
3. Vulcan Stairs
4. Corbin Stairs
5. Merritt Park
6. Mars Stairs
7. Sweetgum Corner
8. Corbett Slope
9. Al’s Park (History & 2019 Update
10. Corbett Clayton Garden
11. Turnaround Green Space

If you want to volunteer to help our parks or want to report a recurring issue, email

4-Corbin Stairs
On 4/14/2019, CHN acknowledged Panos Koutsoyannis for developing & maintaining the Corbin Stairs Gardens. Check out these stairs near 200 Corbett to see the intricate planting & garden features.  Thanks Panos & Ant for the video games & delicious food (thanks to all who contributed).

Did you know that cars drove on the short-yet-steep Corbin Place until about 60 years ago when the road became Corbin Stairs?  On 17th Street, the road curbs can still be seen.  Nearby steep, narrow Hattie Street had 2-way traffic until ~2002.

8-Corbett Slope-Our Newest Park reopened 2018
Corbett Slope is our "new" park of 18,000 square feet of steeply sloping, mostly tree-covered land. It extends from 331 Corbett down to Market St. It's Corbett Heights only significant green zone.

CHN with KitchenGardenSF, SF Permaculture Guild & SF's Dept of Public Works worked together to open Corbett Slope again in 2018.

Slope History - Around 1905, the only 2 homes known to have once been on the Slope were moved to Mars Street when Market St was widened. Neighbors maintained the Slope. A large community posting board was set up for public notices, apartments for rent, meeting time and place notices, things for sale, etc. Many trees, shrubs and flowering plants were planted over the years.

In the early 80's, the city closed Corbett Slope with a chain-link fence after an injury. The city did not maintain or clean the area until 2015. The area became a mess. In 2004, as part of then-Supervisor Chris Daly's Surplus Property Ordinance, the City considered selling the Slope. CHN successfully petitioned to save this Open Space with the help of countless residents who wrote letters.