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CHN published Corbett Heights San Francisco: an Historic Context Statement in May 2017. CHN engaged Michael R. Corbett, one of the Bay Area's most respected architectural historians to conduct the study after receiving a Historic Preservation Fund Committee (HPFC) in May 2012. Mr. Corbett (has no ties to Corbett Ave) is a well-known author of classic SF works Splendid Survivors and Port City: The History and Transformation of the Port of San Francisco 1940-2010.

Corbett Heights Historic Context Statement documents the history, patterns of development, and physical fabric of the district from the 1840s to 1974. This book creates a set of preservation goals and priorities, identifies sites that might qualify for historic designation, provides recommendations for future research, and creates a framework for evaluating the significance of properties in our unique neighborhood.

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The 250-page book is filled with historic research, photos and maps.  Purchase your copy at CHN Dues & Donations accepts Credit Card Payments (complete your payment & check the box for the History Book) & also provides payment by check info.   History Books are also available at CHN General Meetings.