Elected Officials 

sffind list the Supervisor, & Assemblyman, State Senator, US Rep, US Senators  for any address in SFDistrict 8 Supervisor - Rafael Mandelman                                          Contact info                         
Legislative Aides:Kyle Smeallie, Tom Temprano, Erin  Mundy      Contact Rafael's staff 

BART District 9 - Bevan Dufty                                                             Website

California State Assembly District 17 - David Chiu                              Website

California State Senator District 11 - Scott Wiener                              Website

US CA 12th Congressional District - Nancy Pelosi
US CA Senators Diane Feinstein & Kamala Harris
Contact Info & Profiles for our Representative & both Senators           GovTrack

sffind  also includes information on Property, nearby services including Post Offices & Libraries and Recent Crime Reports 

San Francisco Police Department SFPD Website              

EMERGENCY                  911                      (Cell phones - 415-553-8090)
NON-EMERGENCY     (415) 553-0123
SFPD requests use of 311 for NON-EMERGENCY Homeless Items

Park Station (CH is in Park District, Castro is in Mission District)       
Captain Una Bailey   1899 Waller Street   415-242-3000  Website   Email Newsletters
Community  Meetings 2nd Tuesday each month - 7 to 8 PM at Park Station 

Crime Prevention Tips

1. Report Crimes - we suggest reporting Thefts, Car Burglaries, Car Vandalism & other crimes so Crime is not under reported in Corbett Heights and for SFPD resourcing.  Police reports can be filed by phone, in person and Online.    Online Police Report webpage
2. Find your car - Stolen cars are often found parked in San Francisco.  Checking for Parking tickets helps you find your car Parking Ticket Inquiry
3. Finding someone in your car - make noise from 20 feet away - they often run from car.  Don't surprise or chase them.
4. Leave nothing in site in cars - tell your guests to put everything out of view.  Cars have been broken into because of trash bags inside the car or quarters near the driver seat.

5. Look bicycles when they are in your garage.

San Francisco SAFE - Safety Awareness gives free residential & business security reviews, bike registrations & more  Website

MUNI Trains & Buses
Time estimates & transit stop map NextBus Website & Phone App

Street Parking is often available throughout Corbett Heights

Xtreet provides Parking, Street Cleaning, Parking Meter, Handicapped Parking information for Corbett Heights & across San Francisco.

Nearly All of Corbett Heights is now included within Residential Parking Permit Area S Permits for April 2019 to April 2020 are $110 for cars.
RPP Areas Map
SFMTA enforces meters on holidays (no meters only on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day) SFMTA Holiday Enforcement Schedule
For Guests - Prepaid 1-day passes are now available & cost $6 each for the first 5 each year.  2-week Permits are $48  1-Day & 2-Week Passes

SFMTA states that cars cannot be parked for more than 72 hours, but not strictly enforced.

Parking Spots prone to cars sideswiping Parked Cars - some of our streets are narrow.  Some spots have had repeated hit cars:
Market St. Outbound first 3 spots west of Danvers
Corbett Ave heading uphill around 170 Corbett
17th Street - the 2 spots just before Roosevelt when going up the hill

Corona Heights Special Use District - all of Corbett Heights except for blocks that are uphill from Clayton St are included in the SUD

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